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My friend didn't get why I was using this lemme explain. See how Brian is kind of pushed to the side...and the fans are more the focus? That's the point of this website - to give fans a chance for the spotlight. simple. Duh! =D



This site was created to share with you the vocal and instrumental talents of Guster fans who enjoy performing their songs. You can download these song covers free of charge, due to the contributions of the artists and the kindness of my college's web server - shh...I don't think they know what I'm using it for =D.


It all began on the Message Board in late September 2003 (not that long ago). It became quite obvious that there was more than a handful of talented fans who would like to share their love for Guster and their song renditions for all to hear. A suggestion by one of these fans, "Bob," was to make a website for Guster covers. That's exactly why this site came into being. Thanks Bob!

Why Me?

My name is Keith, and I'm the webmaster. I have no vocal talent and my musical talent is very limited. So why am I involved? Well, I really liked Bob's idea for a cover site and figured since I have the resources to host such a site, I might as well pitch in. Oh, and I'm a nice guy. Heh.

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