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the bishop elect
the bishop elect


the bishop elect started back in the day, circa 2003, when guitarist matt and drummer andrew (plus the legendary big E) played a string of packed but unprofitable coffeshop shows halfway through high school. the two young heroes played similarly small and similarly unprofitable shows around town for about a year before meeting bassist dylan (or hambone, as it would come to pass). the summer of 2004 saw an explosion of minimally profitable shows for the new trio, and with the meager earnings of a few minimum wage summer jobs, the band pulled together the beginnings of a home recording arsenal. since then, the three have buried themselves in microphones, emerging every so often to play a couple of shows (joined by a new fourth member every time) and to kiss their sweeties. now, the three have scattered across the country, refining their skills for the next reunion, spreading underground word of a new movement, and generally slacking off.

(mostly) acoustic rock

guster, ben folds five, barenaked ladies, jason mraz, dave matthews band

Austin, TX - USA



Demons ~ 5.24Mb
Added 09-11-05
Amsterdam ~ 5.12Mb
Added 05-04-04

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