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lenny boss
lenny boss


My name is Lenny, and I am a gusterholic. I'm currently attending the University of Pittsburgh and despite my interest in creativity and self-expression, I am an accounting major. My hobbies include web design (although I currently have nothing to show for it), playing the piano, skiing, loving the outdoors, and being with friends and family. Music is my passion. Guster has been number 1 on my list for about 5 years now. It was love at first listen when my friend introduced me to their GoldFly CD. I think the fact that they are so fan-oriented has had a lot to do with my persistant admiration for them. But of course their music is what i can't get enough of. I still get goosebumps when I listen to "Airport Song" and "What You Wish For."


Guster, Eastmountainsouth, Jack Johnson, Ben Folds

Pittsburgh, PA - USA



Medicine ~ 5.81Mb
Added 06-14-04
Mona Lisa ~ 5.81Mb
Added 02-20-04
Demons ~ 4.40Mb
Added 10-15-03

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