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nick jones
nick jones


I was previously in a band called Acoustic Loop (two of us and guitars). We later added a bongo player and became Novella. Well, the bongo player went off to be a fighter pilot and the guitarist got married and moved to Tennesee. Now I perform free form jazz exploration pieces for the local nursing homes and VFW. I write lots of original stuff and cover all the cool music that nobody knows. I rock the Gusters all the time because frankly they are one of the coolest down to earth bands I've ever met.

Acoustic Rock/Death Metal Rap (j.k. but I do cover Ice Ice Baby from time to time)

The Postal Service, Deathcab for Cutie, Ryan Adams, Ben Kweller, Guster

Sumter, SC - USA



X-Ray Eyes ~ 3.13Mb
Added 09-09-04
Come Downstairs and Say Hello ~ 4.52Mb
Added 09-09-04

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