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sara o'reilly
sara o'reilly


Sara O'Reilly is a Boston based musician who's performed up and down the east coast for the better part of the last 6 years. Sara started out in the acoustic duo Rising To The Bottom. Rising To The Bottom released one album titled Too Much Philosophy featuring tracks from Sara and fellow musician Jessica Martins (Via Audio). Sara is currently exploring Boston's music scene both playing shows and meeting potential collaborators. Head over to Sara's music page and check out the show dates to find out where she's playing next.


Brighton, MA - USA




Satellite ~ 3.60Mb
Added 05-27-07
Rainy Day ~ 4.24Mb
Added 03-15-05
Backyard ~ 2.98Mb
Added 08-17-04
Two Points For Honesty ~ 3.15Mb
Added 04-26-04
What You Wish For ~ 3.29Mb
Added 01-27-04
X-Ray Eyes ~ 3.88Mb
Added 10-15-03

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