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troop 224
troop 224


Andrew Gordon
  guitar, piano, trumpet, vocals
Justin Benabdallah
  lead vocals, general mystique

Troop 224 was formed in the fall of 2002 at the good old College of William and Mary when Andrew and Justin got stuck with each other as roommates. It was soon discovered that Andrew actually plays every instrument imaginable and that Justin sang loud in the shower. Putting their obnoxious minds together they began to write and perform. In addition to an incredible fan base in Colonial Williamsburg, their fame is fast growing in their respective homelands of Tennessee and Massachusetts. Still unable to create a full band at school, Troop 224 often utilizes friends from Andrew’s band at home "ENFP" for the full sound found in Window. Props to Keith Kile (bass) and Matt Mullane (fiddle).

acoustic driven something or other

Ben Folds, Guster, Jeff Buckley, Coldplay, Damien Rice

Williamsburg, VA - USA



Window ~ 3.49Mb
Added 05-13-04

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