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November 8, 2007

Clarke McMurray got a new harmonizer and decided to try it out on Mona Lisa. Give it a listen!

Two months - that's how long it has been since the last submission. The gap is getting smaller. Keep 'em coming! I'll be watching my inbox!

Finally, the submission form seems to be working again. However, if you try to submit a song and have any problems, or it doesn't get posted within 24-48 hours, send me an email.

September 7, 2007

Alright! It's been a few months, but we've got a new artist and song to the site. A Guster fan from New York, Marshall Green gives us his quality version of Careful (5.07Mb). Enjoy!!

A note to all artists (current & potential): We may be having some issues with the submission form. I'll be fixing it soon, but until I make a post about it being fixed, please send me your song via email.

One final note: I received a submission a few weeks back from an artist named Tamborine Nickname. If this is you, please email me. I'll need more information from you before I can add you to the site. Thanks.


May 27, 2007

Six months ago, I started the process of changing web hosts. Today, I finished. Well, not really, but one may have guessed there were huge problems since I didn't update with information of its success like I promised.

I can't say for sure how often I'll be able to update the site from now on, but I don't want the site to die either. I think if we get more interest in the site (i.e. new songs, new artists, etc.), my original passion for this site will hopefully be restored. One of the main reasons I'm updating now is that I was informed there are a couple new covers. Both are of Satellite; Sara O'Reilly's Satellite (3.60Mb) and Matt Smith's Satellite (5.34Mb).

Oh, and I'll definitely take the blame for the lack of submissions over the past several months. Basically, the submission forms haven't been working, and I have been very hard to get in touch with. So please accept my apologies, BUT also please submit new songs!

Shoot, one more thing. The HappyFrappy Forum has been down since the web host switch, and will remain that way until further notice. Actually, unless I get a lot of feedback that I should bring it back up, it will probably be removed permanently. Now that the official Guster forum has been updated and is much cooler than before, it may be good to just use that from now on. Alright, that's all for now!


November 14, 2006

I have to apologize once again for my delayed updates. And unfortunately, I can not post the new songs I have received; this is majorly due to an upcoming switch of web hosts. I'm sorry to those who have submitted songs recently (and not so recently), but I am simply unable to add new songs at the moment. In fact, every song on this site will be unavailable until the transfer is complete (approx. a week). But don't worry, the site is here to stay. You can look forward to another update in a week or less.


July 20, 2006

I have to start this update with an apology to Mr. Pooj. He submitted his song nearly a month ago. It took me another new submission to remind me that I had yet to put it up. That being said, here is his song: The New Underground (3.12Mb).

My turnaround time for the newest submission was much better, but still not great...2 days. Give Adam Floro's song a listen here: Dear Valentine (4.30Mb)


May 2, 2006

Ever wonder what Guster would sound like through a Nintendo? Probably not, but now you'll know! Check out these two cover songs by Leadball Lakitu: Manifest Destiny (2.26Mb) and What You Wish For (2.36Mb). If only there was a Guster video game to go along with this wonderful music.


May 1, 2006

It has only been a week, but Jaime Haber has two new songs for us: Keep It Together (3.46Mb) and Either Way (4.30Mb). Enjoy!!


April 24, 2006

Alright, we're back in business. Please give a listen to Airport Song (2.57Mb) by new artist, Jaime Haber.

Guster's new album is only two months away! However, if you know where to look (hint hint), you can hear many of the new songs. Keeping that in mind, what's stopping you talented folks from submitting more songs?


February 21, 2006

One-part of Call Meeker has submitted a few songs as a solo effort. J.C. presents the following:

Eden ~ 4.00Mb
Parachute ~ 4.06Mb
X-Ray Eyes ~ 2.93Mb


February 7, 2006

Well, the new Guster album, Ganging Up On the Sun, will be out fairly soon, so hopefully these two new covers are the first of a whole bunch of new ones!

From Guster's first album, Parachute, Call Meeker gives you Mona Lisa (4.15Mb).

And quite possibly from Guster's unreleased fifth studio album, Dharma Pairs gives you Dear Valentine (4.31Mb).



January 2, 2006

Awesome! First update of the new year, and with it comes a new artist & song: Note To Self presents Mona Lisa (2.06Mb).


December 29, 2005

Prepare yourself, we've got a new cover. This one comes from the one and only Meon Pooj. The song? All The Way Up To Heaven (5.75Mb). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


December 13, 2005

Well, it seems we were all on hiatus for a couple months. Luckily, we've got a new artist to break the new trend. Andrew Orenberg has submitted his version of Window. Check it out!


October 3, 2005

Brand new artist & brand new song for today...the artist: Lucy's Ghost; the song: Mona Lisa (5.13Mb).

I figured now is a good time to report on the status of 41 artists; 74 songs; 4 hours 37 minutes of entertainment.


September 11, 2005

I once again have to apologize for not posting a few submitted songs in a timely fashion, so...sorry everyone! BUT, without further ado, here they are:

Ramona ~ 2.80Mb
by Pohllerton
Demons ~ 5.24Mb
by The Bishop Elect
Center Of Attention ~ 5.86Mb
by The Furniture


July 26, 2005

Wow, I guess I'm updating sooner than I figured. And here's something pretty sweet: our very first cover from Guster's unreleased fifth studio album, tentatively titled Ganging Up On The Sun. Check out You're My Satellite (4.57Mb) by The Pants.


July 22, 2005

Well, it's been almost a month, but we have a new artist & song for everyone: Grool presents...Jesus On The Radio (2.07Mb). Give 'er a listen-to, and if there aren't any songs in awhile, enjoy the rest of your summer!


June 26, 2005

Jesse Dufault is our newest artist, and his first cover is of Jesus On The Radio (2.46Mb).

Seeing as this is the summer, I'd say a new song or two every couple weeks would be quite impressive. Let's hope current and new artists continue recording.


June 12, 2005

Jason Chottiner and his sister Lindsay, here on out known as Lindsay & Jason , have covered a couple classic Guster songs, and here they are for download: Mona Lisa (4.15Mb) & Either Way (4.21Mb). Enjoy!


May 11, 2005

My sincere apologies to Colin Wilkinson who submitted his instrumental-only cover of Careful (4.37Mb) almost a month ago. School has truly gotten the best of me. Now that his song is finally up...give it a listen and sing karaoke!


April 11, 2005

I don't want to jinx anything, but we seem to be on a roll - 7 new songs in under a month! Our newest song comes from a band whose name exceeds the length limit for the artist titles...Dr. Funkes 100% Natural Good Time Family Band Solution...phew. Check out their cover of Jesus On The Radio (5.87Mb).


April 7, 2005

Ever wonder what kind of song Melanie would be if played sober? Well, Owen Loves His Mama gives us a much better idea of how that might sound. Melanie!! (4.14Mb) Mew, mew, mew, mew, mew, mew...


April 6, 2005

adrienhobbs covered Parachute (6.42Mb) and posted it on the message boards about a week ago, and though he said it'd be okay to post it...I'm an idiot and didn't see it - sorry. But, it's here now!


April 3, 2005

Yay! One of my favorite songs has just been covered! Subtle Devotion has submitted Either Way (3.33Mb) for your listening pleasure.

Also, here's some great news! The Guster Tribute CD is well on its way to fruition! ckelsh has been kind enough to run the polls to determine which songs will make the CD. CLICK HERE to start "rating" now! And here's the GUIDE to how the polls will work. Good luck to all!


March 31, 2005

This is probably the most interesting cover received to date. You may have already heard it if you visit the message boards. If not, this is a must-hear. It's a Medley (4.27Mb) of Guster songs in various styles, performed by Popular Genius, a band from Nashville.


March 21st, 2005

Jakob Freely is our newest artist. They share with us their cover of Demons (3.92Mb). Guster would be proud.

On a sidenote, we're discussing a Tribute CD on the forum. We are going to need your help on deciding what songs should be included. More info as it comes.


March 15, 2005

It's been a little while since we last heard from Sara. In fact, the last time was when I came down here to Florida in August - which makes me think I should come down here more often! So yeah, Sara's back with Rainy Day (4.24Mb). Enjoy!


February 6, 2005

Now that the Superbowl is over, how about a new song? Jason Chottiner has his third cover for us, Mona Lisa (4.22Mb).


February 3, 2005

Hey, we're back once again! We have another new artist to the site, Jason Chottiner. He has for us TWO covers: Demons (3.36Mb) and X-Ray Eyes (2.86Mb). Let's hope we don't have to wait another month and a half to hear some new covers!


December 17, 2004

Nicholas Jones has another song for us: So Long (2.64Mb), which is actually one of the Top 10 Guster songs according to fans. Go check out the list...and vote off your least favorite!


December 1, 2004

We have yet another new artist to the site, Nicholas Jones, not to be confused with Nick Jones. Nicholas has submitted a very cool & relaxed cover of Amsterdam (4.32Mb).


November 22, 2004

Whoa, it's been awhile, but at last we've got more Guster goodness for ya! New to the site, Jeff & Dave give us a live version of X-Ray Eyes (4.41Mb). Check it out, and Happy Thanksgiving! (for those of us in "the states")


October 14, 2004

New artist to the site, Rough, has submitted a live version of Airport Song (4.01Mb), and wow is it powerful! Lots of fun to listen to, and it sounds like they had a blast playing it!


September 10, 2004

You guys are keeping me busy with all these new covers. Thanks!

I Spy (2.47Mb) is back! This time, it's by Josh Davila. Happy Frappy Joy Joy!


September 9, 2004

Wow...the last few weeks, people have really been making up for the lack of activity over the summer. Today we have three new songs by two new artists:

Come Downstairs and Say Hello ~ 4.52Mb
X-Ray Eyes ~ 3.13Mb
by Nick Jones
Window ~ 4.00Mb
by Artemus

Glad to have you on the site, guys!


August 30, 2004

The Furniture is back with his fourth song, Airport Song (3.45Mb). Fun song...enjoy!


August 27, 2004

Matt Smith's band, Gods of Rock, played Fa Fa (5.65Mb) for a live audience. They got a kick out of it, and I'm sure you will too!


August 23, 2004

Come Downstairs And Say Hello now has its first coverage. Check out new artist Josh Davila's acoustic rendition of Come Downstairs... (3.90Mb).


August 21, 2004

Do you love Mona Lisa as much as I do? Of course you do! And you'll be happy to know that there's a new cover of it. Check out Nate Bolling's version: Mona Lisa (4.57Mb). Good stuff. Stuff that makes you feel good.


August 17, 2004

Look at what happens when I go on vacation: 2 new artists...4 new songs...

Airport Song ~ 2.66Mb
by Sean Doherty
Rocketship ~ 3.55Mb
by Everything Falls Apart
Backyard ~ 2.98Mb
by Sara O'Reilly
Airport Song ~ 5.14Mb
by Lawrence S

Thanks for the submissions. I'm sure everyone will enjoy them as much as I did.


August 4, 2004

Matt Smith submitted a new song to the site a couple days ago. My apologies to him for not putting it up until now. His new cover is I Spy (3.51Mb).

FYI, if I receive any new submissions in the next couple of weeks, I probably won't be able to post them on the site until August 15th or later. I will be on vacation and more than likely unable to update the site. Sorry.


July 29, 2004

No updates in 6 weeks - I guess everyone took a break from the site (including me). But now, Matt Smith wants to get things back in gear with his cover of Careful (4.15Mb). Let's hope this is a sign of things to come.


June 14, 2004

Medicine (5.81Mb) has received its first coverage...thanks to Mr. Lenny Boss.

Download. Listen. Rinse. Repeat.


June 9, 2004

Rainy Day (4.68Mb) has now been covered for the first time on the site! Check it out - it's by The Furniture.


June 6, 2004

Jimmy Rowles has covered X-Ray Eyes (3.89Mb) this time around, and it's no wonder that he is getting compliments on his voice.


May 30, 2004

We have another new artist to the site - please welcome Mr. Jimmy Rowles. His first cover is I Hope The Day After Tomorrow Doesn't Suck *ahem* I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today (2.07Mb). Enjoy!!

PS  Just so you know, his cover doesn't suck - it's quite good actually. I was just making a reference to the movie, The Day After Tomorrow.


May 25, 2004

The Furniture has got a fun cover of So Long (3.57Mb) for us. Check it out!


May 13, 2004

Two great songs in two days! This one comes from a new artist to the site, Troop 224. They covered Window (3.49Mb), and did a mighty fine job of it. It's got a great full-band sound. They failed their finals so you could enjoy this, so please do!


May 12, 2004

Check out Owen Loves His Mama's latest cover, Two at a Time (4.43Mb). I can only think of one thing this song is missing...cookies at the end.

On a sidenote, Guster On Ice is only 6 days away! Make sure you put in your order. Click here.


May 4, 2004

Our first new song for the month of May comes from a new artist to the site. The song: Amsterdam (5.12Mb). The artist: The Bishop Elect, a two-member band. However, Amsterdam was performed without one of the two members, Andrew - so it's actually just the one other member, Matt.


April 26, 2004

8:05 PM
Sara O'Reilly didn't think FANTASTIC was a strong enough word, so she made this month INSANE! I'm seriously going to run out of words if this keeps up. Download Sara's Two Points For Honesty (3.15Mb) and be sure to comment on all these newest songs on the forum.

1:53 PM
Alrighty, I'm now going to say this has been a FANTASTIC month for happyfrappy. Song number 7 for the month comes from Clarke McMurray. Check out his rendition of Mona Lisa (5.98Mb) - he wasn't too happy about how it turned out. But trust me, he's just being hard on himself - very hard on himself.


April 25, 2004

As I said a few days ago, this has been a great month...and we're still trucking! Ian D has submitted his second song to the site, So Long (3.68Mb)


April 20, 2004

Wow! This has been a great month for happyfrappy - 5 songs already, and there are still 10 days left! Fa Fa (4.19Mb) is song number two from our Ball State friends, Undefined.


April 15, 2004

If you downloaded Brian Stitt's Jesus On The Radio (2.80Mb) in the last couple days, you may need to download it again, because you probably didn't get the whole song. There were some server issues (all my fault) which prevented the whole song from being uploaded. But it's now working, so please give it another try!


April 13, 2004

Brian Stitt is back at it again, but this time with accompaniment from Erik. Together, they give us... Jesus On The Radio (2.80Mb). If you only listen to one song today, make it this one - it's THAT good.


April 11, 2004

So...a long time ago, Sarah Dunn sent me an a cappella cover of All The Way Up To Heaven (4.52Mb). However, she didn't want it on the site. Why? Because she thought the song wasn't good enough. Please help me convince her she's wrong.


April 4, 2004

Parachute (5.13Mb) is our latest song cover, and it is from yet another new artist to the site, Sean Flanagan. Download it, save it, listen to it, comment on it.


April 2, 2004

OK. I've decided to not turn this site into a blog - seeing as it's now April 2nd. April Fools' Day is a thing of the past.

And just so I'm not taking any of the focus away from the latest song cover, please check out Owen Loves His Mama's Ramona (3.61Mb) if you haven't already.


April 1, 2004

Owen Loves His Mama (of course he does, that's why he tried to kill her...) is the newest band on the site with their cover of Ramona (3.61Mb). Be sure to check it out as soon as you can, not only because it's good, but because it will only be available for the next day or two. Read on below.

There are going to be some pretty big changes in the coming week. There hasn't really been as much support for this site as I had originally hoped, so it is my intention to turn into my personal blog. Before you get upset, please realize that I'm a very interesting guy, and you'll love all of the interesting posts I'll make. You won't be disappointed - that's a guarantee. If you don't think it's a good idea, post a message on the forum. Maybe I'll reconsider...maybe.


March 26th, 2004

No new songs today. But for those of you interested in submitting to the site, the process is much easier (hopefully). You can now enter all of your information and submit your song directly through the site. Click here for more information.


March 19, 2004

'ass' from the forums submitted his first cover, Two at a Time. He performed this song under the identity of his band, The Furniture, which consists of himself.


March 5, 2004

X-Ray Eyes (4.11Mb) is quite the song. It has now been covered three times - each of which is exceptional. This newest version is by Brian Stitt. Be sure to give it a listen!


February 25, 2004

We are on a roll! Third song in FIVE days. David Kerman gives us Eden (5.15Mb).

I just realized that we have lots of artists from the Midwest (Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin) - David is from Wisconsin, dontchaknow? ;-) Go Big 10!! Sorry... Seriously though, check out David's cover. It's very good!


February 23, 2004

Ball State students: the newest artist is one of your own. Undefined consists of four members from your swim team. Check out their cover of Demons (4.00Mb).

Personal Note: I considered going to Ball State, then I realized how much better Purdue is. =P


February 20, 2004

It's about time someone covered Mona Lisa (5.81Mb), and who better to do it than Lenny? Give it a listen (and save it, of course), then leave your comments on the forum.


February 19, 2004

I just created a forum to start up a little community here. Register Here

I encourage everyone to give feedback to the artists on the site - keep it clean and keep it polite. There is also an area to talk about non-Guster-related stuff. Oh, and if you have any suggestions, please post in that section of the forum, or e-mail me.


February 3, 2004

Ian D is lucky artist #10 to the site. Looks like the menu on the left is getting a bit long, eh? :o Ian covered I Spy (1.75Mb), so check it out!


January 27, 2004

Sara O'Reilly is back again with her rendition of What You Wish For (3.29Mb). Do yourself a favor and download it - you shant be disappointed.


January 25, 2004

2 A.M., January 25th, Jesus On The Radio (2.02Mb)... OK, so January 25th doesn't quite fit the song - sue me. Anyways, this cover is care of Tim & Brian.


January 12, 2004

We have yet another James Porter song for ya: I Spy (2.75Mb). We now have 12 songs to offer. Make sure you give them a listen. And to all of you musicians out there - keep 'em coming!!


January 6, 2004

Happy New Year everyone! Our first new artist of the year is James Porter who gives us his acoustic version of X-Ray Eyes (2.76Mb).


December 29, 2003

Long time, no update. =/ But I hope everyone's holiday season is going well. As a late present, we have a song by a new artist. The group Everything Falls Apart gives us Ramona (2.97Mb).


November 17, 2003

We have a new artist to the site - The Pants - with the very first KIT cover for the site: Amsterdam (4.62Mb).


November 2, 2003

We have a new artist on the site, Clarke McMurray. I'm sure some of you remember him from the Message Board. A few weeks back, he posted his cover of Rocketship (5.14Mb), and now you can get it here too!


October 31, 2003

We're back in business! Sarah Dunn has submitted her version of La Ti Da (3.21Mb). You can find it in the Miscellaneous section.


October 27, 2003

No songs for today, but I added a Frequently Asked Questions section, even though there haven't been any recurring questions. Oh well, here's a question I asked and answered myself: "How do I save a song to my computer?"


October 21, 2003

Brumation covered the song, The Prize (3.06Mb) from Guster's first album, Parachute.


October 18, 2003

Check out the new song by Sarah Dunn, Sunday Afternoon (2.25Mb). It's from Pasty Tapes, Vol. II, so it will be in the Miscellaneous section.

What is this site missing? Well, it's not missing links anymore! ;) Check out these great Guster websites:

  • Official Guster Website - Wow! Best official band site ever! ;)
  • - Great site with bootlegs and videos and other cool stuff.
  • Gusterography - If there is a limit to the scope of the word "comprehensive," this site has overcome it!


October 17, 2003

Added yet another new artist and song to the site. Brumation gives us his rendition of Parachute (3.58Mb).


October 16, 2003

Added a new artist and song to the site. Sarah Dunn submitted her version of Happy Frappy (3.21Mb). How appropriate... ;) Check it out!


October 15, 2003 is here! If you're not sure what this site is all about, then check out the About section. Otherwise, let's get on to the good stuff!

For at least a little while I will be updating the site when people like you send me your Guster song covers. I hope I will soon have a system where you can upload the songs directly to the server, and it will update the site automatically. We'll see how that goes.

Currently, I have two artists on the site, and two songs available for download - both from the Goldfly album. You can find them on the menu, or directly below.

Demons ~ 4.40Mb
by Lenny Boss
X-Ray Eyes ~ 3.88Mb
by Sara O'Reilly

If you would like to submit a song, simply follow the instructions in the Submit a Song section. Thanks.

Happy listening!


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